In Australia, Sinopec has partnered with International Lubricant Distributors (ILD) to deliver a new standard of excellence in technical service and customer satisfaction.

The ILD team are career professions in the lubricants industry with experience drawn from the other major international lubricant giants. We understand your needs and have built our model around exceeding your expectations.
ILD ‘s offer consisted of brining a premium international brand into Australia along with a new standard in technical and customer service. It was also clear that one of the global lubricant giants was building the world’s most modern lubricant facility on our doorstep in Singapore, but had not yet moved into the Australian market.
Together, ILD and Sinopec partnered to create an offer that would shake up the Australian lubricants establishment. This marriage of premium lubricant products combined with ILD’s technical expertise has led to the rapid growth of the brand across Australia.
Sinopec offers the full range of lubricants across all of the major industry sectors including Mining and Earthmoving, Road Transport, Agriculture, Construction, Passenger Vehicles and Marine. Products use high quality base oil, internationally renowned additives and are all fully approved by the global standards institutions and OEMs.
These products, combined with ILD’s expert team, flexible and nimble solutions management and innovative logistics, provides you the customer with a new experience in quality and service anywhere in Australia.

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