International Lubricant Distributors (ILD) was created in 2009 by like-minded lubricant professionals that saw the market stagnating in the hands of a few large multinationals.

There was a clear opportunity to offer an improved level of technical and customer services that would meet the needs of a changing Australian economy.
At the same time, Sinopec were planning the construction of one of the world’s largest and most technically advanced blending plants in Singapore. The match was clear and both parties combined to develop a new offer that surpassed the market standard in terms of pricing, technical service, product quality and customer service.
Most importantly was the idea that ILD/Sinopec would partner with its customers to innovate new systems, supply solutions and technical programs that creates a win-win for all parties. This approach is a big step away from the traditional supplier-customer model where there is no flexibility in the relationship.
ILD tailor-makes it’s offering customer by customer so you receive the best possible service that directly corresponds to the needs of your business. We have a long list of customers that you can talk to and see why they have chosen the ILD/Sinopec offer.