Sinopec has a range of high performance, hard-working lubricants that more than match the challenges of Australian agriculture.

From the large combine harvesters, crop sprayers, tractors, loading and transport vehicles, to quads and motorcylces, these tools-of-business for today’s modern farms work exceptionally hard, for very long hours under Australia’s extreme climate and environmental conditions.

They need the best protection against metal wear - the primary contributor to accelerated component failure; and they need lubricants that maintain their lubrication properties to avoid very costly and unscheduled downtime caused by poor quality formulations.

Sinopec premium lubricants are formulated to meet or exceed OEM technical specifications as well as Australia’s extremely harsh conditions experienced day after day, year after year.

To cope with increasing farm sizes, significantly higher yield expectations and improved operating
efficiencies, the farming industry has placed unprecedented productivity demands on the equipment they use. As a result, original equipment manufacturers of agricultural machinery and ancillary equipment have employed the latest advances in technology to meet these demands.

Sinopec works with all of the major global OEMs to develop lubricants that ensure your equipment does the job with less downtime and lower operating costs.

All of this is backed by ILD’s superior Technical Support offer. The ILD team of career lubricant professionals have decades of technical expertise at your service.