As well as providing anti-wear protection, Sinopec’s premium lubricants are designed to maintain their lubrication properties in Australia’s diverse climatic and environmental conditions day after day, year after year.

Sinopec offers a premium quality range of oils, greases, brake fluid, coolants and cleaning products that meet or exceed industry and OEM standards. From motorcycles, passenger and delivery vehicles, to buses, tractors, heavy-duty trucks, large machinery and earthmoving equipment, there’s a Sinopec product to suit.

Sinopec transport lubricants are formulated using premium base oils and additives that protect critical moving components. They also provide excellent protection against water contamination, corrosion and deposit build-up.

Their stay-in-grade property helps to increase drain intervals, reduce service and maintenance costs, resulting in improved equipment life and increased operating profitability.

All of this is backed by ILD’s superior Technical Support offer. The ILD team of career lubricant professionals have decades of technical expertise at your service.

The success of Sinopec Lubricants in Australia can be attributed to the extremely competitive pricing of the Sinopec lubricant range combined with an unmatched industry technical support programme.

ILD has Australia’s most innovative and efficient national supply network. Our established and well-proven logistics combined with strategically located warehouses, ensures quick supply of Sinopec lubricants wherever, whenever, on time, across Australia.